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Uber confirms it’s testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

Uber has finally confirmed testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh, PA, according to a report out of the Pittsburgh Tribune. Though we’ve known about Uber’s autonomous vehicle ambitions, especially considering the opening of its Pittsburgh-based Advanced Technology Center more than a year ago, this is the first time the company has publicly admitted testing these vehicles.…


Google Maps goes beyond Uber to aggregate Ola, Hailo, Gett and more car services into its app

Google reportedly is working on building its own Uber competitor, and while some believe that this will come in the form of a fleet of autonomous cars, there is a more immediate option for how Google can position itself more prominently in Uber’s world: by searching and aggregating everything that the wider on-demand transport landscape has to offer. Today, Google announced…


Uber Tests A Standalone Food Delivery App

Uber is taking the next step to push its well-funded brand into the prepared food delivery space — launching the UberEATS service as a standalone app today, in Toronto.


Why Your Next Package Will Be Delivered By An Uber

Geographic saturation is the key to network effects and profitability in the ridesharing business. The more drivers Uber or Lyft have in a given region, the faster the pick-up times, the better the customer experience, and the more rider demand — which in turn allows drivers to earn more money, and attracts more drivers to the network.