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The tablet market is 100 million units smaller than expected. What happened?

Six years after the iPad debut, what’s the future for tablets?


Microsoft Unified Windows in 2015. Now, It Needs People to Use It.

The company has brought things together but more work is needed in 2016 to win over the hearts, minds and wallets of developers and consumers.


Amazon Tempts Parents With A $100 Tablet For Kids

How can any company compete with iPad when it comes to being the preferred tablet for children, thanks to the App Store’s large selection of educational apps and age-appropriate games? Amazon’s strategy, to date, has to make a more affordable tablet for the young ones, complete with kid-friendly software pre-installed, while also eliminating parents’ concerns over hardware damage.
And today, along with a slew of new, lower-cost Fire tablets and an upgraded Fire TV, the company also announced an upgraded version of its Fire Kids Edition tablet that now sells for under $100 and comes with an updated kid-proof cas


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Refined, but Not Radical

Samsung’s latest phablet is good, but is it good enough?