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Spotify feels the heat from Apple Music, matches 6-person family plan for $14.99/mo

Spotify is clearly feeling the competition from Apple Music, and is now matching the Cupertino company’s family deal of $14.99 per month for up to six family members. This literally halves the cost of Spotify’s previous family membership, as well as extending it from five to six people … more…Filed under: Apple Music Tagged: Apple Music, Music,…


Pandora should revive Rdio as pay-for-what-you-want streaming

Music listeners are cheapskates. Few will pay Spotify or Apple $10 a month even to stream almost every song ever. Meanwhile, radio services like Pandora hardly scrape by on the meager ad rates after they pay out royalties. So if Pandora wants to resuscitate the battered corpse of Rdio it acquired for $75 million last year,…


In Battle of Streaming Music Services, Simplicity Is the Killer Feature

Oh, Apple and Google: Why did you have to make things so complicated?


Here’s What Happens to Your $10 After You Pay for a Month of Apple Music

Apple’s rates will be competitive for artists.