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IDC: Chromebook sales in US outpaced Mac for the first time in Q1

Shipments of Chromebooks outpaced Macs in the US for the first time in Q1 2016, that’s according to data from IDC shared during a session at Google’s I/O developer conference today. more…Filed under: iOS Devices Tagged: Chrome OS, Chromebooks, estimates, IDC, Mac, OS X, sales


Apple Watch sales make it top smartwatch in Q1, but trail basic wearables from Fitbit & Xiaomi

Apple Watch sales estimated around 1.5 million units during Q1 2016 made it the number one smartwatch, but the device continued to trail basic wearables from competitors Fitbit and Xiaomi. During the quarter both companies more than doubled Apple Watch sales, according to the latest data out today from industry watcher IDC. more…Filed under: Apple Watch…


Report: Apple says it sucks at selling ads, will soon let publishers do the hard work but keep all the revenue

Apple’s rocky iAd advertising platform is about to see some major changes, says Buzzfeed’s John Paczkowski. According to the report, Apple plans to dismantle its iAd sales team and stop its role as a middleman between publishers and customers: While iAd itself isn’t going anywhere, Apple’s direct involvement in the selling and creation of iAd units is […]


Apple supplier not hitting its ‘break-even’ mark of 2m Apple Watch units per month

Specific sales of Apple Watch have been a mystery since the device’s launch back in April, with several analysts offering up their own respective estimates on numbers. Now, Taiwan’s Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. has hinted at sales of the device. ASE, for those unfamiliar, is responsible for putting all of the internal parts of Apple […]


A Lesson Learned In The Cola Wars

Sun Tzu was wise in saying, “know thyself, know thy enemy, and you need not fear the results of a thousand battles”. However, being fixated on a single competitor can blind you to other disruptive entrants and substitute alternatives. A powerful way to avoid this trap is by staying laser-focused on the customer versus the competition, and by defining your market and competitive alternatives more broadly.

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