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Tim Cook meets with Indian PM Modi, talks manufacturing & app development possibilities

As part of his tour throughout India, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this past week to discuss the company’s plans in the country. This isn’t the first time the two have met, but this meeting comes as Foxconn is planning a manufacturing plant in India while Apple plans to open…


Cook meeting with major carriers in India to forge ‘strategic partnerships’ for LTE rollout

The Economic Times reports that Tim Cook is meeting with the heads of major carriers in India in order to form ‘strategic partnerships’ as the country accelerates its LTE rollout. The smartphone market in India has so far been constrained by slow data speeds in most parts of the country. Cook has said the advent of high-speed…


Apple hits new iPhone sales record in India as it considers opening retail stores in the country

According to data from Counterpoint Research, iPhone sales in India are booming. Apple reportedly shipped 800,000 units in the December quarter to the country, up from 500,000 a year ago. Apple has been aggressively promoting their phones with substantial discounts to sustain sales, given high prices for iPhone 6s in India (via Economic Times). Even with price cuts, that […]


Apple now offering two-year leasing option for iPhone SE customers in India amid slow sales

Apple has expressed a growing interest in India over the past year, but sales of its newest and more affordable iPhone SE have been lukewarm in the country so far, reports claim. In order to combat these less-than-spectacular sales, Apple is offering a new way for customers to purchase the device. more…Filed under: iOS Devices…


Amazon wants to dominate India. But the typical Amazon playbook will not work.

New rules suggest Amazon will have to change its business practices in India.


Why Facebook failed with Free Basics

Land grab! Net neutrality! Imperialism! There was a lot of justified outrage (and perhaps delight) when Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of bringing the Internet to rural Indians came crashing down recently, fueled by the 11 million people who contacted the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in protest and 457 companies and more than 800 startups that…


India-focused streaming service Saavn expands into non-music content

India-focused music streaming service Saavn has dipped its toes into non-music content after it announced its foray into long-form audio programming. Read More