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Get ready for the Xiaomi drone

On Wednesday, Xiaomi is going to unveil a new product. While details are still thin, it looks like the electronics company is about to announce a drone. Xiaomi is a well-known phone manufacturer. But the company now also manufactures all sorts of devices, from Android TV set-top boxes to smart rice cookers. And then, there’s…


Google And Amazon Talk About Managing Drone Traffic At CES

Figuring out how to manage drone traffic over the United States to allow for drone delivery services and other drone-based service is going to be critical if Amazon and Google ever want to deliver packages to the backyards of their customers. Earlier this week, Amazon’s VP of Global Public Policy Paul Misener and Dave Vos, Google’s lead […]


Making The Case For Drones In Commercial Markets

[tc_aol_on code=”519313373″] Today at TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015, the CEOs of Sky Futures, Verifly and Airware took the stage with TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois in an attempt to explain how drones can be used other than for taking selfies. But, before that can happen, common sense regulation is needed, the panel argued. Chris Blackford of […]


Parrot Enables Autonomous Flight For The Bebop Drone

The Parrot Bebop can now fly by itself. After purchasing Flight Mode, Bebop owners can tap out waypoints and sit back while the drone flys autonomously. The ability is enabled by purchasing the in-app upgrade called Flight Plan. It costs $20. It takes just a few presses on the mobile app to set the trajectory […]