Andrew Bud: How the world is banking on mobile


MEF Global Chair Andrew Bud takes a closer look at the data uncovered by MEF’s research on mobile banking globally, and draws some interesting conclusions.

MEF’s Global Consumer Survey of nearly 10,000 mobile users in 10 countries is proving to be an inexhaustible source of insight into the changing world of mobile content and commerce.  Recently we were reviewing the detailed data regarding mobile banking worldwide in 2012, and some fascinating patterns became apparent. I recently spoke to Finextra, the website for the worldwide financial technology community, who wanted to get some detailed insight into the results of the survey. You can watch the interview below, but it’s worth taking a deeper dive into such a key growth area for our industry.

Mobile banking can be classified as covering a range of activities, but I was most interested in the most mainstream of interactions – checking your bank balance, applying for…

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A Degree In Big Data? More Hands Are Needed


From the car-sharing company to the utility company and every type of business in-between, organizations can make better decisions with Big Data (Or so it is assumed). In an article at, Prachi Patel makes important points

There are many data sources today — That’s NOT the problem. The challenges begin when the aim is to clean up data gathered from many sources (structured and unstructured data), make correlations, glean insights and present such insights in ways that decision makers can factor them into the decision-making process.

That’s where there is a big need — The problem is with having people with the right skills to present insights gleaned in ways that are usable by business leaders.

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What i like abo…

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.