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3 quick Excel tips and tricks

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So it’s been a while since I’ve lasted posted as I’ve been away on holiday.  During that time, a few friends have sent me some challenges and asked some questions, so my first few posts coming back will deal with them!  Firstly, the Excel questions!  The first question was from a friend, who hates Excel, literally.  If she can use any other software out there, she will.  Her question was:

“Is there was a way to do calculations in Excel without actually using formulae?”

I think she expected me to say no, but in actual fact there is a way, so I thought I would post it for everyone to view!

1. Using Excel’s Paste Function to calculate values for you…

Imagine if you will, you want to adjust an existing spreadsheet to calculate what an increase in price would look like on your product range, if you increased all…

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Some really creative XY Scatter charts in Excel

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For those of you who are really mathematical, and for those of you like myself who like to see really creative graphs and charts, you might get a kick out of this post by Frankens team:

Creative and advanced chart design in Excel

There are some really great examples on here that I think you will like!  I did anyway.  For each example, you can download the Excel sheet and take a look on how it is done!

My favourites?



Hope you find them as inspirational as I did!  Their final point?


Please do not regard these charts as a best practice or recommendation. These are just ideas – as in haute couture. You can use if it gives a little “salt” to your work, but always respect the data and your target audience – never forget the basic rules: data derives chart choice.

As it was…

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Create a heat map table

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Imagine you have some data showing performance of some teams in different categories:

results table

A very quick way of showing the results more visually is to create a thermal map.  You can do this very quickly using conditional formatting!  Download the sample excel sheet here.

  • First, highlight the values in the first column (result 1)
  • Then on the Home tab, click on the small arrow next to the Conditional Formatting button (in the Styles section)
  • Click on Color scales and then More Rules

Home tab

  • Ensure that “Format all cells based on their values is selected
  • Then in the Edit the Rule description section, choose a 2-color scale and choose 2 colors.  I’ve left the default colors in place for the first column (orange and light orange)

new rule

  • When you are done, press the OK button.  The column should automatically update

first column

  • You can then repeat this for each of the other columns, using different…

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Create a dollar graph in Excel

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One of my colleagues had a presentation to give this week regarding his program. He wanted a nice graphic / chart, to show his team which parts of the program were costing the most money. He created various charts himself, and then asked me to make one particular chart more interesting.  The original can be seen below (please note I’ve changed the labels and actual data to protect my colleague and his program):

original chart

It’s obvious in the case above that the “Jeans” series is costing the most money

My first suggestion was to reorder the categories, so that the most costly were at the bottom (In the same manner as a Pareto chart). Immediately, the information is visually easier to understand

ordered column chart

However, the chart still doesn’t look so “sexy”. So my second suggestion was to create an overlay, so that the final chart looked like a multi-coloured dollar sign. You…

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Just what sort of geek are you?

Thatthereengland - does Japan

A rather nice visualisation of the geek family tree (of course, some of us would want a check list where we could tick off about 75 per cent of the categories):


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How to market yourself on Internet | Social Media | Analytics | SEO | PPC| ORM


How to market yourself on Internet.

We are launching a series of posts to guide you with the steps to market yourself on Internet.

Marketing have three mediums:

·         Direct Marketing by hiring sales team

·         Expensive Advertising

·         And of course the mainstream media

With the launch and success of Internet and it transforming into a major publishing tool Internet Marketing has emerged as necessity now a days for all.

Its a professional job, ya, it is, but still you have to be aware of the steps. We hereby will be launching posts with the steps and the procedure for the Basic Internet Marketing of your products and services through your website.

Hope it will be of great help to you all……..

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Business analytics model risk (part 4 of 5): categorizing types of BA model risk

SCTR7: Data Science and Analytics

Business analytics model risk (part 4 of 5):  categorizing model risk

Following from article 3 of 5 on Business Analytics Model Risk

Link to introductory header article (0 of 5)

Model risk cannot easily be spoken of as a singular entity.  The topic is complicated in that there are multiple ways of categorizing model risk.  As well, schemes for categorizing model risk are rarely mutually exclusive.  While we can easily categorize different types and aspects of model risk, it is difficult to propose exclusive categories.  Aspects of model risk tend to easily overlap, co-occur, or co-vary.

At the outset of this series, a categorization of contributing factors to model complexity was proposed.  Complexity is one type of categorization scheme for a particular type of model risk.  Below two more are offered which are likely more useful in segmenting and thus controlling model risk:  I) model core attributes, and II)…

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The Ever Disruptive Cloud


The Future is Mobile


A fascinating presentation here from industry analyst Benedict Evans gives an overview of the state of the global industry, succinctly illustrating what we already know, that mobile is doing rather well.

With the aid of some startling stats, Evans paints a dramatic picture of the explosion in smartphone and tablet sales and the simultaneous decline in the PC market, while taking in all of the major winners and losers looking ahead to 2017. Essential viewing should you harbor any doubts that the future will be mobile.

2013 05 BEA – ’Mobile is eating the World’ – by Benedict Evans Via Slideshare

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