iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Release Date Same as Launch Day. IPhone 5C may not have Siri

From the International Business Times

This move entails logistical challenges but not entirely impossible. The tech giant, after all, will not offer the 5S and the 5C for a global glimpse in the first week of September without being ready for any possibilities and one of them is pushing out the two devices on day one that the world sees it.

What would prompt Apple to press the 5S/5C release button so soon? Certainly not desperation but more of rightfully stemming the alarms created by recent reports from Strategy Analytics and Gartner – two of the more reputable research firms in the worlds.

In a report by BGR News, the iPhone market share in China saw a retreat as Chinese consumers only scooped up 3.4 million iPhones by the end of the June 2013 quarter. Previously, Apple sold more than six million smartphones, recorded from January to March of the same year, so some disturbing ripples have been generated. There is no denying that.

The 5S could easily replicate what the iPhone 5 did when it was released September last year – racking up five million sales in seven days. Given that the 5S would at least equal this feat and it has more than two weeks in September 2013 circulation, that roughly translates to 10 or 15 million units cleared by the close of the month.

Then factor in the 5C push, which according to analysts would open up the emerging markets door for Apple, it is likely that the company is courting a sales boost that could reach a high of 20 million ship outs, at the very least. That should be record numbers in any respect.

But first, Apple needs to address the purported production challenges it is facing, which according to reports will limit the 5S initial shipments to only four million, tops.

On release date, the iPhone 5S will show off the exact iPhone 5 profile though it will boast of a fingerprint scanner, a redesigned Home button, enhanced Retina display and the revamped iOS 7 as highlights of its killer features.

The iPhone 5C, on the other hand, will rely mostly on its cheaper tag price, likely between $300 and $350, for consumers to take notice and in return they’ll get almost the same 5S package but wrapped in a plastic casing and perhaps minus Siri.


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