A professional delivering results through integrity and sustainable strategy.

10+ years experience in data analytics, commercial management, product development, and Risk management.

6+ years delivering analytics, supply chain & financial services for Telcos, OEMs and retailers.

What I do:

Business Development: Product pitch, RFP management, customer journeys, pricing & presentation.

  • Business Analytics:
    • Customer Segmentation, Sales trends.
    • Sell-in/Sell through, 3PL & Supply chain Optimization.
    • Financial services, & Commercial management.
  • Solution sales – Identify the need/problem, and develop a customized product for the specific market. Information architecture, interaction design, & Interface behavior.
  • Cash flow and P&L management – Business unit analysis, Management of spend, budget and targets.
  • People Leadership – From 3 – 12 team members.

I am measured on metrics such as:

  • Gross margin & EBITDA creation.
  • Customer satisfaction and product attach rates.

Outside work, I am a budding  photographer.

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