Big Data — Avoiding A Dangerous Slope

Data helps in identifying the problem – not solving the problem. Fix the process to solve the problem


dangerous actBig Data is powerful. And as with all powerful things, there are high chances of abuse. But because it is very powerful, such abuse can have very dangerous ramifications. That’s what Matt Asay of ReadWrite draws our attention to. Here are excerpts…

1. While Big Data helps both businesses and governments anticipate human behavior (thus equipping them to develop more effective marketing campaigns and prevent crimes respectively), that is NOT the ultimate goal of signals intelligence and analysis. The end is to know what is being thought.

The expectation in this regard isn’t the prediction of your exact thought at any point in time. Close guesses will do according to George Dyson (science historian and author of Turing’s Cathedral).

2. But even the achievement of that goal (knowing your subjects’ current thoughts) might NOT satisfy us. We may want to know what they are likely to think of in the…

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