Big Data — Issues Which Simply Won’t Go Away?

We are the products, not the consumers … That’s a good one..


When a person of the stature of Matt Valentine (head of Microsoft’s enterprise solutions for Hong Kong) gives advice to his loved ones on technology, you’d better pay attention. In an article at WSJ, he was quoted as telling his kids that as far as using mobile or web apps are concerned, they were the products and NOT the customers.

In simple terms, developers are gathering valuable information about their users. There are real concerns in many quarters about data security and privacy in the age of Big Data. Experts share their thoughts…

1. Many people do NOT understand the privacy implications of the various mobile and web applications they use. The truth is that data about them is being gathered, analyzed and (often) shared with others.

2. Even with privacy policies and statements, there is still a lot of room for data collected to be used in ways…

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