Keep a Google Spreadsheet of Business Ideas

Use Google drive app …

David Cummings on Startups

Some entrepreneurs come up with ideas at a rapid rate while others struggle on the ideation side and are amazing at execution. Regardless of entrepreneur type, there’s a little idea I’m a big fan of: keep an ongoing Google Spreadsheet of business ideas. It could just as well be in Evernote or some other system, but I like Google Spreadsheets for quickly glancing at ideas and sorting them by different categories.

Here are some situations that are great for generating business ideas:

  • When you’re shopping for a good or service and get price quotes that are significantly higher than what you expected, there could be an opportunity
  • When you find a business problem and can’t find a solution (this is how Pardot came about)
  • When you encounter a business challenge where there are solutions but they aren’t elegant
  • When you see a trend emerging that is clearly going to have…

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