Granta Will Bring Voice Control to Home Automation

Minority report in the making…

iHome Systems

iHome Systems - Home AutomationThe new home automation tech promises voice and vision control for home security and entertainment control.

We’re seeing a lot of voice and gesture controls pop up on newer HDTVs. Now it’s time to have those same conveniences creep into other areas of the Electronic House. Well, it’s almost time.

GEO Semiconductor,  SpeechFX and VoiceVault have partnered up for Granta, a new home automation technology. The hook on Granta is its voice and vision control features—and the ability to add those options not just into home entertainment, but security as well.

Promising personalization for control devices and systems in the home, Granta will allow homeowners to use hand gestures and voice commands to arm a security system, adjust lights and thermostats, unlock the door, and remotely view the whole living room using a fisheye lens in the smoke alarm.

“Due to the advancements in processing power and…

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1 thought on “Granta Will Bring Voice Control to Home Automation

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