Big Data — Why You Should Pay Attention To A Distributed Data Supply Chain

Would this be digital manufacturing? Creating value at every step …



According to Dan Woods (Contributor at, the days of “the massive data warehouse” is almost over. There is the need to focus on a distributed data supply chain where you can gather data from a wider variety of sources, process them at different points in the chain, move data quickly to points of need, transform them when necessary, trigger immediate action as needed and position such data for further analysis.

He gives reasons why he believes this should form the focus of any organisation that wants to succeed with Big Data. Here are some…

1. There is a scarcity of professionals with the right skills to glean actionable insights from Big Data. Therefore, it makes sense to expect that more providers will enter into the space — “Big Data analysis will become a product.”

2. How do you improve a model’s effectiveness? The simple answer is “Improve the…

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