GE and Cisco Make for Strange Big Data Bedfellows for IBM, Oracle, SAS, SAP and Teradata

Quinnsight Research

GE CiscoThe world’s five biggest big data vendors must be scratching their heads and thinking, “Everyone wants to get into the act.”  Consider their dilemma:

  • VCs have gone wild and spawned dozens, actually about a dozen dozen, of start-ups in the big data space.
  • Start-ups of roughly a decade ago have grown into sturdy young adults, like Alteryx, Pentaho and QlikView.
  • Imagine the reaction in Westchester County, Redwood Shores, Cary, Walldorf/Newtown Square and Dayton at Actian’s big data vendor shopping spree.
  • Reactions were probably similar back when HP acquired Vertica and then Autonomy.  And similar yet again when VMware invested in Cetas, and EMC invested in Greenplum and Pivotal Labs, and now they all come under Pivotal.

Heads must have been constantly shaking at the big 5 of big data for the last 5 years.  But now GE and Cisco have entered the fray, either furrowing brows or causing convulsive…

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