Create a crossword puzzle & custom comments in Excel

Some light reading before getting to work on Monday..

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Found this great post yesterday by Daily Dose of Excel:Crossword template.  There is an Excel file you can download and use.  Though I’m not a big crossword puzzler, I really like the vba – very elegant and the practical application of excel.  The only thing that is missing are the clues.  It occurred to me that this would be an excellent opportunity to explain how to make custom comments.

custom comment

Step 1: Preparation

Download the template and follow the instructions to create your crossword quiz

Step 2: Create a basic quote

  • Click on the cell that is used for the first question (either 1 Down or 1 Across)
  • Click on the review tab and then click on the “New comment” button
  • Type in your question, removing your name for example: “What is the software used to create this crossword?”

Step 3: Add the command to your ribbon

  • Click on File…

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