Big Data — Never Take The Human Element Out


Someone said: “Bread is good food but eating a thousand loaves is dangerous if NOT poisonous.” Big Data is undeniably a phenomenon that is changing our lives (and YET to change our lives much more) for the better. However, it is very important that we do NOT lose our humanity and make bad a good thing albeit inadvertently.

In an article published at, Tim Leberecht calls attention to mistakes we shouldn’t make with Big Data. He stresses that we should merge Big Data with Big intuition if we are NOT to lose our humanity. Here are excerpts…

1. We must be careful NOT to turn Big Data into Big Brother — A situation where things that were squarely (and should remain) in the private domain are now measured and quantified all in the name of making improvements.

2. We are social beings but Big Data isn’t. We have…

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