Seven Questions on Adopting Analytics Culture (0 of 7)

Big data, Analytics , the coolest job in this decade … But how many companies understand its importance?

SCTR7: Data Science and Analytics

Seven Questions on Adopting Analytics Culture

Blogging from the INSNA Sunbelt XXXIII Social Network Analysis (SNA) conference in Hamburg, Germany May 21st – 26th, 2013

The BAM! blog has of late focused on the most challenging aspect of adopting business analytics: organizational factors. This post launches a series of linked articles digging in deep on this topic.

Seven questions are posed and will be addressed in serial.  The theme: ‘how can organizations adopt analytics-based decision making culture?’  In particular, the questions address the use of change management to adopt evidence-based decision making, associated organizational challenges, and how analytics can be used to manage organizational change itself:

  1. What does change management have to do with business analytics?
  2.  Is change management effective?
  3. How does change management work?
  4. Why is the change management track record so poor?
  5. How can change management be improved via analytics? 
  6. What…

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