Excel in Small, Medium and Big Data

Quinnsight Research

elephant excelEasily the longest running discussion I have seen, and participated in, on LinkedIn in the many BI/analytics and big data related groups is the role of Excel and spreadsheets (is there another?  Oh, right, Google Apps has a spreadsheet).  In my last post to that discussion thread I threatened to write an over-simplification of Excel’s role in what I called “Small, Medium and Big Data” which of course requires a definition of “Small, Medium and Big Data.”  Given the threatening waters, and rain, on the east coast today due to TS Andrea, it seemed that I too could risk finally taking a swing at such a definition.

What follows is my attempt at that depiction, and please before people start responding with comments like “big data should start at 5TB,” or “big data should start at 47 gigabytes,” or “Business Objects can handle truly big data on its own…

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