Data Visualisation

Visualization for Analytics will be driven by the consumerization of IT

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Alongside predictive analytics, visualization, particularly for mobility, is the hottest investment focus and offering expansion for analytics providers. Making content more visually usable and friendly to a range of users and user skill levels is essential. “voice activated analytics visualization” is as yet not a particularly hot topic on Google. In fact, it gets a grand total of 0 hits (prior to this post). However, that will change in the next couple of years, driven by the consumerization, or democratization of technology.

The limitation for visualisation is that many analytics platforms lack the ability to personalise the visualisation viewpoint to be what the individual user can describe. Currently to change a visualization format (eg bar graph to line graph) may involve basic coding skills. Whilst virtually every 11 year old child in seemingly has some coding skills, not a lot of 35 year old marketers or 45 year old accountants…

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