Data Visualisation

In search of perspective: Chris Dancey ‘the world’s most quantified man’


The unexamined life, they say, is not worth living. And soon the unexamined life may be impossible in the era of Google Glass and sensor-embedded wearable devices. As I’ve blogged here before, we are being cast headlong into an ‘age of context’ – the blogger Robert Scoble’s phrase – where sensor technology will be able to generate data on every physical object, animate or inanimate, in the ‘Internet of Things’.


For Chris Dancy, an executive at BMC Software with a Scoble-like passion for tech, the chance to plug himself into this network is an unrivalled opportunity. He has covered himself in all manner of gadgets to monitor his movement, heart rate, perspiration, sleep rhythms and so on – not to mention every micro-event in his Google calendar – in the belief it can guide him to greater efficiency. By measuring everything, he wants to identify when he is sharpest…

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