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Create a heat map table

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Imagine you have some data showing performance of some teams in different categories:

results table

A very quick way of showing the results more visually is to create a thermal map.  You can do this very quickly using conditional formatting!  Download the sample excel sheet here.

  • First, highlight the values in the first column (result 1)
  • Then on the Home tab, click on the small arrow next to the Conditional Formatting button (in the Styles section)
  • Click on Color scales and then More Rules

Home tab

  • Ensure that “Format all cells based on their values is selected
  • Then in the Edit the Rule description section, choose a 2-color scale and choose 2 colors.  I’ve left the default colors in place for the first column (orange and light orange)

new rule

  • When you are done, press the OK button.  The column should automatically update

first column

  • You can then repeat this for each of the other columns, using different…

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