Will the Bubble Burst? Ask Your Cabbie

There are too many headlines and articles about bubbles, market crashes, negative interest rates and venture-backed unicorns. Why write one more? Because I believe there is a much more pragmatic way to evaluate what you are reading from all the “experts.” Experts armed with mountains of data and statistical analysis predict the stock market is…


Is Logistics About To Get Amazon’ed?

In November 2015, Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services registered with the U.S. government as an ocean shipping provider. So what? Well, Beijing Century Joyo Courier Services is a subsidiary of none other than Amazon. And earlier in the year, Amazon had already expanded its logistics presence with air transportation and trucking. Read More


Apple Maps Had Been Directing People Searching For Abortion Clinics To Adoption Centers Since 2011

Recent improvements by Apple in Siri and Apple Maps have corrected an ongoing issue where the products had been directing people to adoption centers when they asked for an abortion clinic. Though the company has known that this was a problem since at least 2011, it said at the time that this was a “glitch” and promised…


Transportation Secretary Says Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Could Be Next ‘Moonshot’

Foxx calls it a “very solid idea” that warrants government support.


Apple hits new iPhone sales record in India as it considers opening retail stores in the country

According to data from Counterpoint Research, iPhone sales in India are booming. Apple reportedly shipped 800,000 units in the December quarter to the country, up from 500,000 a year ago. Apple has been aggressively promoting their phones with substantial discounts to sustain sales, given high prices for iPhone 6s in India (via Economic Times). Even with price cuts, that […]


Apple manufacturer Foxconn bids $5.3 billion to acquire display maker Sharp

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn has posted a $5.3 billion bid to buy Sharp, the Japanese display manufacturer who has faced financial difficulties in recent years. iPhone displays are currently manufactured by Sharp, Samsung and LG and assembled at Foxconn’s plant. A successful Sharp purchase puts Foxconn in the position to make iPhone display components, going beyond assembly.


Apple’s New GarageBand For iOS Is An Electronic Musician’s Dream

[tc_dropcap]GarageBand has always had a definite appeal to the person adding tracks to his acoustic guitar performance or the band looking to customize their thrashing metal sound, but to the electronic music junkie the app hasn’t previously held much street cred.[/tc_dropcap] Well today, Apple launched a huge new update to GarageBand for iOS that has a lot more […]