Sony’s next flagship Xperia smartphone is reportedly coming to Sprint

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A lot changed at Sprint over the past few weeks, a new CEO, new service plans and phones from new hardware partners. It looks like that last item might continue being a trend going forward, as Reuters reports that the SoftBank-owned US wireless carrier is preparing to carry its first smartphone from Sony. The device in question is a “soon-to-be launched Xperia flagship,” which immediately makes us think of the rumored Z3.

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ASUS CEO confirms sub-$200 price point for upcoming ZenWatch


About time watch manufacturers get into this business…

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As reported by Taiwanese publication Focus Taiwan, the CEO of Asus Jerry Shen has reportedly said in a media briefing that the company’s upcoming ZenWatch Android Wear-powered smartwatch will indeed be shipping at a price point below $200. Shen also mentioned that—as expected considering the device runs Android Wear—we’ll be seeing English-enabled voice recognition when the device goes on sale in October.

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Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media


Interesting read..

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Apple CEO Tim Cook with former VP of Worldwide Communications Katie Cotton

“Beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”

“Feature for feature, it’s identical to iPad Air in every way.”

“Just avoid holding it in that way.”

Apple’s public relations (PR) department is probably the best in the world — certainly more impressive at shaping and controlling the discussion of its products than any other technology company. Before customers get their first chance to see or touch a new Apple product, the company has carefully orchestrated almost every one of its public appearances: controlled leaks and advance briefings for favored writers, an invite-only media debut, and a special early review process for a group of pre-screened, known-positive writers. Nothing is left to chance, and in the rare case where Apple doesn’t control the initial message, it remedies that by using proxies to deliver carefully crafted, off-the-record responses.

Except for a few big exceptions, such…

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Apple execs discuss $400 price point for wearable with the media, what do you think?


Classic Case of Price Anchoring…

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Re/code via sources unknown says today that Apple has been considering the $400 price point for its wearable, expected to be announced on September 9th and available for sale in 2015.

Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company’s new wearable device. Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year.  Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.

The price positioning is reminiscent of Apple’s latest product launch, the iPad, in which price points of $1,000 were batted around before Steve Jobs took the stage and conjured up the jaw-dropping $499 starting price point.

But without knowing about the wearable product, how can we judge the price point…

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Stanford Professors Want To Teach You How To Scale Your Business Without Screwing It Up

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After eight years of studying best practices for expanding a business, a pair of Stanford professors are scaling up the size of their classroom with their first foray into massive open online courses (MOOC).

Huggy Rao and Robert Sutton, the authors of “Scaling Up Excellence: Getting To More Without Settling For Less,” will bring the lessons they learned from their research to the virtual classroom. When their five-week, free MOOC launches on Sept. 15, it will feature interviews with prominent investors like Ben Horowitz and Michael Dearing.

Normally Rao and Sutton teach the book in their executive education classrooms, but true to their research, they found the MOOC to be a scaling tool that could help them reach more readers.

“They can not only consume the book as in reading it, but more importantly they can actually apply it to their own venture or startup idea,” said Rao, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School…

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Samsung announces curved Gear S smartwatch, shipping in October

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Samsung Gear S Blue-BlackFollowing in the footsteps of LG revealing its circular G Watch R, Samsung just moments ago announced its new Gear S smartwatch with a curved 2-inch Super AMOLED display, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, enhanced multi-sensors, built-in GPS and more. The smartwatch will be available through retail stores and carriers in October.

Samsung’s Gear S should serve as competition for the all-new circular LG G Watch R and Moto 360. A big difference, however, is that the Gear S is not an Android Wear device. Instead, it runs a version of Samsung’s own open-source, standards-based operating system Tizen. 

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Dropbox dramatically cuts pricing to compete, 1TB now just $9.99/month

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Dropbox-Pro-LogoDropbox has today slashed its pricing and doubled the maximum storage space from 500GB to 1TB. Up until yesterday, you’d have been paying $500/year for 500GB; today you can pay just $120/year (or $99/year when paying annually) for a terabyte.

The new deal finally brings Dropbox into line with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Apple users may want to hold off for now, however, with Apple’s new iCloud pricing – which includes iCloud Drive – expected to be broadly similar … 

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